Intressant föredrag om The Organized Mind av Professor Daniel Levitin

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Speaker(s): Professor Daniel J Levitin
Chair: Dr Jonathan Birch

Recorded on 26 January 2015 in Old Theatre, Old Building.

The information age is drowning us in a deluge of data, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate facts from pseudo-facts, objective from biased sources, and at the same time, we’re all being asked to do more at home and at work. Yet some highly successful people are able to stay highly efficient and productive. I’ll review the cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory, and how recent findings can help all of us to become more productive. This talk will address the myth of multi-tasking, advice for how to better structure our time, and how to better organize decision making using examples from health care contexts. I’ll also share secrets from some of the highly successful people I spoke to in doing research for the book: CEOs of some of the largest corporations in the world, artists, scientists, nobel prize winners, generals, admirals, governors, senators, and U.S. cabinet members.